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We provide the following professional services to clients, both Japanese and non-Japanese.


(1) Accounting Services

We provide monthly and annual accounting services in accordance with Japanese GAAP or each country’s GAAP.

・Monthly bookkeeping and monthly review of books  
・Preparation of monthly or quarterly reporting packages
・Preparation of financial statements in Japanese and in English
・Analysis of financial statements
・Assistance in preparing business plans
・Consultation on accounting procedures


(2) Tax Services

We provide tax compliance services and tax consulting services for corporations and individuals.

・Preparation of corporate tax returns
・Preparation of consumption tax returns
・Preparation of individual income tax returns
・Preparation of inheritance tax and gift tax returns
・Preparation of fixed assets returns
・Year-end adjustments and monthly payroll
・Preparation of annual withholding income tax reports
・Attendance at tax audit
・Consultation on corporate reorganizations
・Tax consultation on various tax matters


(3) Services for setting up corporations

We provide comprehensive professional services for setting up business using the network with judicial scriveners and other professional specialists.

・Preparation of articles of incorporation and other documents
・Registration of incorporation
・Preparation of various legal documents required at the time of incorporation
・Consultation on setting up corporations


(4) Services for foreign-affiliated corporations and non-Japanese individuals

We provide professional services to foreign-affiliated corporations and non-Japanese individuals. We provide comprehensive solution to the problems arising from doing business in Japan.

・Setting up Japanese branches or Japanese subsidiaries of foreign corporations
・Gross-up calculation for expatriates
・Preparation of application form for income tax convention
・Providing tax representation services
・Cash Management
・Visa and immigration services for non-Japanese individuals
・Tax consultation on international tax matters


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